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Wed Aug 17 11:03:26 EDT 2011


Hello and welcome!  What was your talk last summer?  I atteneded HOPE as well.

There is indeed a meeting scheduled for this evening.  I don't think
I'll be able to make it, but there's usually some "roll call" messages
during the day of from interested members who plan to show up.

Lots of Arduino activity in the lab lately, too.


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> On August 16, 2011 11:43:51 AM Daniel wrote:
>> Hi there!
>> I've just recently moved to Ottawa from the GTA and was ecstatic to see
>> there's a local space with some active members.
>> I'm a Programmer/Computer Scientist up here to start my MSc at
>> Carleton's Computer Security Lab in the fall. I just finished my BSc in
>> Computer Science at Brock University, and previously graduated from
>> Sheridan college's Computer Science diploma program (I'm a bit of a
>> one-trick pony!).
>> My interests are pretty varied. Lots of experience with
>> programming/software. Strong hobby interest in InfoSec. I gave a talk at
>> The Next Hope last summer, and have spent some time with the lovely
>> folks at the Toronto Hacklab playing in the UCSB iCTF last Dec. Over the
>> past few days I've been dabbling with OpenCV. I've manage to throw
>> together a prototype pigeon tracking system for my balcony. It's fairly
>> ridiculous... I'm keen to learn about/work on basically anything that
>> manages to pique my interest.
>> For short term goals I'm really interested in learning some basic
>> electronics and experimenting with the Arduino platform. When I was at
>> HOPE last year I picked up an Adafruit "game of life" kit that's been
>> collecting dust next to a brand new soldering iron on my shelf. A crash
>> course in soldering would be a great place to start! If nothing else
>> it'd be nice to meet some techies in the area.
>> Is the meeting tomorrow night taking place as expected? 7 to 9pm at the
>> ArtEngine building?
>> Thanks!
> Daniel,

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