[Lab] Introductions

Bruce lists at faintfuzzies.ca
Tue Aug 16 16:31:45 EDT 2011

On August 16, 2011 11:43:51 AM Daniel wrote:
> Hi there!
> I've just recently moved to Ottawa from the GTA and was ecstatic to see
> there's a local space with some active members.
> I'm a Programmer/Computer Scientist up here to start my MSc at
> Carleton's Computer Security Lab in the fall. I just finished my BSc in
> Computer Science at Brock University, and previously graduated from
> Sheridan college's Computer Science diploma program (I'm a bit of a
> one-trick pony!).
> My interests are pretty varied. Lots of experience with
> programming/software. Strong hobby interest in InfoSec. I gave a talk at
> The Next Hope last summer, and have spent some time with the lovely
> folks at the Toronto Hacklab playing in the UCSB iCTF last Dec. Over the
> past few days I've been dabbling with OpenCV. I've manage to throw
> together a prototype pigeon tracking system for my balcony. It's fairly
> ridiculous... I'm keen to learn about/work on basically anything that
> manages to pique my interest.
> For short term goals I'm really interested in learning some basic
> electronics and experimenting with the Arduino platform. When I was at
> HOPE last year I picked up an Adafruit "game of life" kit that's been
> collecting dust next to a brand new soldering iron on my shelf. A crash
> course in soldering would be a great place to start! If nothing else
> it'd be nice to meet some techies in the area.
> Is the meeting tomorrow night taking place as expected? 7 to 9pm at the
> ArtEngine building?
> Thanks!

Welcome to the group.  I to am a relatively new member of the group.  From 
what I've seen so far it is quite active and has a bunch of people with a wide 
variety of skill sets and experience. 

For instance I've not experience in electronics or programming, but it has 
been and interest area for a long time.

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