[Lab] cnc making parts really small

Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Sat Aug 13 16:14:09 EDT 2011

I'm having this strange problem with my mill. It jogs normally but when I go
to cut out a piece, it appears that the piece is very small. I checked all
the motor tuning and everything seems the way I left it before a reboot (I
reboot it about once per month).

I took the same g-code and ran it on my other mill and it runs fine. It runs
in my NCPlot simulator as well.

So that sort of points to the mill itself.

I'm just puzzled because when I jog it, the jog distance on the screen seem
to represent how far it's jogging.

I even regenerated the g-code again (being sure that I selected mach 3
inches when I saved it).

Any ideas?
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