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First let me say, thank you for pointing this thing out to me... I totally
want to build one now lol...

Here are the estimates based on the UP software's print preview function.
(which I've found to be very accurate)
Now keep in mind that this is based on printing on an UP, using my current
settings (with loose infill). And using ABS.
You might want to use solid infill for some of these parts for structural
strength, luckily it's most likely the smaller parts that need to be solid.
Anyway, I've rounded up to the nearest gram on each of these.

Spikes: 21g
Drive Gear: 3g
Front Suspension: 7g
Gear 1&3: 4g
Gear 2: 6g
Gearbox Body: 9g
Gearbox Bracket: 3g
Gearbox Latch: 2g
Rear Axle Bracket: 4g
Rear Wheel: 12g x2
Shell Back A: 65g
Shell Back B: 64g
Shell Front A: 51g
Shell Front B: 51g
Shell Top A: 27g x2
Shell Top B: 27g x2
Steering Linkage: 1g
Wings: 44g

That comes out to 467g for the whole set.

I would guess 500g would be a safe bet.

For the UP, a 750g spool costs about $50 shipped. For a makerbot, ultimaker
or reprap, using PLA, a 5lb spool costs about $90 shipped.

So... $33.33 in plastic for the UP method...
And about $19.85 in plastic for Reprap/makerbot/ultimaker

That's of course an estimate. Your print software settings can heavily
affect the amount of plastic a given part consumes.

Hope that helps.

- Paul

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> how much do you think it would cost from the plastic to make these
> mario kart shells
> http://www.makerbot.com/blog/2011/08/05/turtle-shell-racer-%E2%80%93-high-power-edition-by-skimbal/
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