[Lab] arduino D0 and D1

Andrew O'Malley aomalley at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 16:54:17 EDT 2011

You can still use pins D0 and D1, but need to disconnect one of them
(I forget which) while uploading new code.  It has to do w/ loading on
the serial port.  Slightly annoying for sure, so yes, if you can get
away with not using D0 and D1, that's the easiest way to work around

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> My Arduino was working and then it stopped working (Uno). What happened was
> it stopped uploaded. The upload would start, the lights would flash but it
> would not finish.
> I was frustrated because I hadn?t changed anything.
> I then decided to try to stop using pins D0-D3. Instead I used D2-D5.
> This hunch came when I noticed D0 and D1 are labeled as Send and Receive.
> I?m happy it started working again but I?m puzzled why it worked
> inconsistently. Also if pin D0 and D1 are inconsistent, does that mean we
> shouldn?t use them?
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