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What are you planning on doing with the rework station?  They go hot enough
to do lead-free solder so you could repair consumer electronics - a lot of
them have problems due to improper wave soldering where the BGA heats up and
then creates a gap.  The most famous example of this is red ring of death
xbox 360s where the GPU would overheat itself, create a gap, and then not

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> I was thinking of getting one of these
> http://gzyihuatools.en.ec21.com/YH_852D_SE_Rework_Station--4211637_4250762.html
> Its a rework station with a solder station and the go for about 120$
> I was alos looking at some thing like AOYUE
> http://gsmserver.com/shop/equipment/soldering_sssembly/hot_air/aoyue_968_hot_air_soldering_station_smoke_absorber_soldering_iron_110_v.php
> I currently have a 50W soldering station.
> http://canada.newark.com/jsp/search/productdetail.jsp?SKU=92C1414&N=0
> I am hopping to upgrade and then I could give away my solder station.
> I still want a good solder station though.  any one has any
> suggestions or comments for me?
> Jean-Marc Le Blanc
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