[Lab] Can you 3D print for me?

Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Wed Apr 13 12:43:21 EDT 2011

1) In sketchup, before extruding, right click the circle and change the
number of steps from 24 to 200 or 300 or something like that.

2) When do you need this by? Another option is to run it on my mill. I could
take that out of a sheet of wood or acrylic.


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Thanks Paul/Andrea its much appreciated.

I have attached a google sketch up of what I was hopping to have or
similar.  the wheel does not seem to be as round as i would like.

the inner circle part is 5.5mm wide and 4mm high.  The rest are just
approximate  10 cm diameter wheel 1 cm thick (to put an elastic on it)
Let me know what you think.

I don;t really thin 10 cm will be too big.  I think the motors are
powerful enough.

Jean-Marc Le Blanc

"Do you pine for the nice days of Minix-1.1, when men were men and
wrote their own device drivers?" Linus Torvalds
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