[Lab] New face of the lab

Ryan Stec ryanstec at artengine.ca
Tue Apr 12 10:54:50 EDT 2011

Hello Everyone,

At the end of the next show (Jeff Morton during Prairie Scene) we will be setting up a new shared media lab in M76 and install a few new work spaces for the M70 lab. We are talking some of the overall modular aspect of M70 out of the lab in favour of making it a more productive space. For now we are talking about a few work benches so we can have a few soldering stations left out and regular space for the MakerBot so it can stay put. We still want the space to be useful for workshops, so we will have a projector and some sound wired up. 

I thought that the Mod Lab should have alot of input in the design and could help implement these new spaces as they are primarily catered to the needs of our community. We can start the discussion on this list and then take it from there. It would be great to have the facelift done by the end of May so hopefully we can move forward on this swiftly.


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