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Fri Oct 15 15:05:20 EDT 2010

I went through the exact same method as you for getting involved with the

It's rather interesting that if you visit the site and you
manage to find ModLab under Community, the page lacks the following:

1) No future dates listed
2) Location not shown
3) Lab Mailing list is mentioned but no link or address for that.

If you click through on the Ottawa Hacker Society link, you get a page on
another site (which links back to the initial page).

The 2nd page doesn't have the information either.

You need to click on the ArtEngine link which gives a page (outside the
ArtEngine site) that shows the address. This part also shows how to get to
ArtEngine. Because it doesn't mention ModLab, it's not clear if it's the
right address for ModLab.

You need to click on Communications to find a link to the mailing list.
There's a link on the Communications page called Meetings. That gives a list
of old dates.

So the obvious thing to do is:

1) Visit
2) Hover all the links until you find ModLab under Community
3) Click through to Ottawa Hacker Society (you have to forget that you're
looking for modlab for a while)
4) Click "group of individuals" to see if it has location, time and date for
modlab (or perhaps Ottawa Hacker Society)
5) Click Meetings to see if the information is there. It isn't. However
there is a convenient link back to step 2.
6) Click ArtEngine to see if the information is there. It isn't. There is
the address of ArtEngine (at this point, the newcomer isn't sure if this is
the same as ModLab or Ottawa Hacker Society).
7) Click Communication to see if the information is in there. It isn't. But
there is a convenient link to step 5.
8) The lower part of the page has a link back to step 2 and a link back to
step step 5 (again).
9) Click the Projects link to see if the information is there. It isn't. But
there is potential to see projects there one day.
10) The only unfollowed link is the one mailing list link on the
Communication page (we saw that in step 7)
11) Follow that link and you are now at a mailman listserv page. If you can
figure that out, you can subscribe to the mail list for either ArtEngine,
ModLab or Ottawa Hacker Society (at this point the newcomer isn't sure)
12) For those who have figured out mailman (or already know it), if they are
approved after a waiting period they are now in the list and will receive
13) They can either reply of a post or (if they know how to use mailman make
a direct post) to find out the location, time and date of the next meeting.
14) Someone will likely reply.

If you are still with us, you are now qualified to attend ModLab!

We use the listserv and word of mouth to schedule/reschedule meetings but
I've often wondered what would happen to the group if the location, time and
date were listed on the ModLab page in step 2 above.


On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 9:44 AM, < at> wrote:

> Hi Everyone;
> I was looking forward to attending a ModLab meeting. Are you getting
> together tonight? If so, where do these meetings take place?
> thanks,
> Eric Schmidt
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> Next week makes sense.  That would be consistent with meeting every second
> Wednesday.
> Normand
> > Hey Everyone,
> >
> > Richard mentioned that the OCLUG (Exec) folks were going to be holed up
> in
> > M70 tomorrow, and since last week+end was pretty hectic with Electric
> > Fields and MakerFaire (and TEDxKids for those participating this week),
> > shall we schedule the next ModLab gathering for next week?
> >
> > Wednesday, November 17th @ 7pm?
> >
> > Andrew.
> >
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