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Fri Oct 15 15:05:20 EDT 2010

tes to talk about their work. Usually there are 10-15 speakers and it's=
 a big networking event for artists, techies, and the like.<div>Emily<br>
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That Web site doesn&#39;t say what it is.<div><br></div><div>What is it?<br=
 clear=3D"all"><br>--<br>Darcy Whyte<br>Darcy at<br>613-563-3634<=
br>Ottawa, Canada | N 45=B0 25&#39;03.1&quot; W 75=B0 42&#39;21.4&quot;<br>=

Inspirational Flying Machines:<br><a href=3D"" t=
arget=3D"_blank"></a><br>MAAC 23153<br><br>Socia=
l Media, Interaction, SEO<br><a href=3D"" targe=

<br>Software services since 1988<br>Web, Database, LAMP<br><a href=3D"http:=
//" target=3D"_blank"></a><br>
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<div style=3D"word-wrap:break-word">Hey Lab Listers,<div><br></div><div>The=
re is another Pecha Kucha night coming up in Ottawa, and they are looking f=
or presenters. Its a short and compact concept, so it is fairly easy to put=
 together and it would be great to have some representation from our commun=
ity. The PKN is on October 27th, so exactly a week before the Electric Fiel=
ds festival and just over a week before the Maker Faire. Great time to pump=
 up things we are doing.</div>

<div><br></div><div>Go the website and drop a pitch if you are interested. =
Or feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.</div><div><=
br></div><div><a href=3D"" target=

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