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Anybody tried this?

Dreaming about a Hat
November 25th, 2010 No
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I’ve been working on a model airplane project and I want to make nice videos
of the planes flying. The challenge is that I can’t seem to fly it and take
video at the same time easily. The obvious is to get your friends to take
the shots right?


In this video I’m explaining “Press the button… Now we’re filming…. Now
press it again… now we’re not filming…”. I think I went over it about 10

It’s really hard to get people to take video. In the video above, the first
guy I tried could not understand how to operate the video camera despite
explaining it over and over to him. Mind you were each had a plastic cup
full of rum.

So anyways, now I’m wondering what sort of video quality I’d get in terms of
shakiness and staying on subject.

I’ve also looked at making a camera stabilizer but that seems to need a
camera operator so I’m still left with the guerrilla recruitment of people
to take video.

Here’s another fine example. In this example, I asked the lady to try and
get the whole bike and myself into the picture. Not only did she fail to do
that, she managed to give me mouse ears.

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