[Lab] Another requests - tell us about your projects

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Here is one...

1) Michael Grant
2) WindPOV - A wind powered weather station displaying temperature & humidity by persistence of vision - http://krazatchu.ca/?page_id=198
3) Stepper Motor, AtMega8, SHT21 sensor, Switchmode power supply, LEDs, WinAVR development environment... 
4) About 1 week in July 2010.


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         I have always been wanting to build a theremin,  but want to do one as true as possible to the original using vacuum tubes.
    http://www.dogstar.dantimax.dk/theremin/bamtrat.htm     , seems to suggest that most of what one needs is already inside most tube radios.

        if a theremin group is getting together, let me know..


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