[Lab] [ORE_bits] A SolidWorks Christmas ...

krazatchu . krazatchu at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 19 13:14:24 EST 2010

Good idea, either Algonquin or
    the ArtEngine facility depending on interest...

On the subject of course material and time...
Having used Solidworks for a number of years, I can say it is a very comprehensive software package...
Which is to say, if there is interest, I can certainly prepare some specific/advanced material to follow the basics...

Included in the 150 day licenses we are receiving is SimulationXpress, while not the full simulation package it is still rather capable... 
Take a look at the website to get an idea of the capabilities... http://www.solidworks.com/default.htm and perhaps the wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SolidWorks

Professionally as well as personally, I've used it as a complete CNC toolchain with the addition of the SolidCAM plugin...
In terms of simulation, I used the Finite Element Analysis Simulation to determine resonant frequency modes, plot displacement over strain and determine failure modes, etc.
There is a convergent iterative design solver, that will generate a series of design iterations and simulate, converging on a maximum or minimum factor like weight or strength ... 
It includes part libraries and part generation wizards such that modeling items like gears and bolts takes but a few seconds... 

I'm sure they will be some interest in the CNC aspect, how about the simulation tools? 
So far I have received about 10 confirmed attendees, what time slot is better, weekend or evening?  


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    That's fantastic. Definitely I need some help in designing using 3D
    so this is timely. Depending on the interest, either Algonquin or
    the ArtEngine facility will work great. 


    How long do you think we will need? An evening, or more than a few
    hours and will have to run it on a weekend instead? 







    On 10-11-19 9:40 AM, krazatchu . wrote:
              Hello members of ORE and ArtEngine,


              At a yet to be disclosed location, on an unspecified day,
              I will be giving an introductory seminar on my favorite
              CAD package, SolidWorks.

              The venue will most likely be Algonquin, and the date
              depending on resources, sometime in the near future...


              SolidWorks has offered a number of 150 day licenses for
              use by the attending members of ORE and ArtEngine

              The purpose of this mail is to determine interest and
              likewise the number of licenses to give out.


              If you are interested, reply to the list or reply directly
              to me at michael at krazatchu.ca. 

              As SolidWorks is a very comprehensive package, I would
              also be interested in hearing what areas are of interest.


              Michael Grant





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