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I'd only go with a small form factor if we can get a decent video card with it.  Solidworks is very video intensive and will bring many built-in graphics cards to their knees if larger assemblies or complex parts are built.


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Might I suggest going with a small form factor PC, in order to improve portability and ease of storage. Small PCs can be had for a reasonable price with decent performance these days, which would be only slightly larger than the Mac Mini that modlab already has.

- Paul

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I've added a Windows PC to the lab wish-list.

SolidWorks is Windows-only, along with plenty of other software packages and equipment drivers out there.

Booting up a Linux distro via USB is easy to do as the need arises.


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> Hello members of ORE and ArtEngine,


> At a yet to be disclosed location, on an unspecified day, I will be giving an introductory seminar on my favorite CAD package, SolidWorks.

> The venue will most likely be Algonquin, and the date depending on resources, sometime in the near future...


> SolidWorks has offered a number of 150 day licenses for use by the attending members of ORE and ArtEngine community.

> The purpose of this mail is to determine interest and likewise the number of licenses to give out.


> If you are interested, reply to the list or reply directly to me at michael at krazatchu.ca.

> As SolidWorks is a very comprehensive package, I would also be interested in hearing what areas are of interest.


> Michael Grant

> www.krazatchu.ca




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