[Lab] Suggestions for EDA Suite?

Paul & Andrea Mumby themumbys at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 10:41:05 EST 2010

Hey everyone! I've been using Proteus for my EDA suite for the past few
years now, and I'm comfortable with it and it works ok for me... But it's
beginning to get a bit dated. The component libraries are lacking, and it's
lacking gerber output capability for PCB designs (making it difficult to
have things professionaly done).

So can anyone recommend a solid EDA suite that fits (at least most of) the
following requirements:
- Reasonably Affordable
- Schematic Capture & PCB Design, with netlist exporting from schematic app.
(or both features integrated in one, don't really care)
- Large component library for both schematic capture and PCB app, (or at
least industry standard expandable library so that it doesn't get outdated
too quickly)
- Basic schematic simulation capability (SPICE or equivalent)
- Would be nice if PCB design app supports 3D renderings of boards (for
visualizing layout before prototyping)
- Gerber output capabilities
- Fairly accepted standard, so that I won't have much trouble sharing files
back and forth with the community.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. If nothing suitable is out there
within my price range, I might just stick with Proteus. But I figured it's
worth exploring at this point. Have some new projects on the go that could
benefit from a new EDA suite.


- Paul
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