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krazatchu . krazatchu at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 19 09:40:09 EST 2010

Hello members of ORE and ArtEngine,

At a yet to be disclosed location, on an unspecified day, I will be giving an introductory seminar on my favorite CAD package, SolidWorks.
The venue will most likely be Algonquin, and the date depending on resources, sometime in the near future...

SolidWorks has offered a number of 150 day licenses for use by the attending members of ORE and ArtEngine community.
The purpose of this mail is to determine interest and likewise the number of licenses to give out.

If you are interested, reply to the list or reply directly to me at michael at krazatchu.ca. 
As SolidWorks is a very comprehensive package, I would also be interested in hearing what areas are of interest. 

Michael Grant

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