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Hey everyone;

At yesterday's meeting, I outed myself as an IT Security guy ... I just wanted 
to pass along a great free resource for anyone interested in IT Security issues, 
malware, hacking, etc. See below. I do get some marketing-spam from them re: 
training and stuff, but I consider that to be the cost of the publication...

In order to download the pdf version, you do need to provide an email address 
(note: "an")



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hakin9 Newsletter 


November issue of Hakin9 
Spyware - Someone is always watching...
Secure Hash® Integrity Verification Utility  
Secure 1st have announced the release of Secure Hash V1.0. This new Windows 
application is designed to generate, store and analyse digital signatures. These 
digital signatures can then be used during a cyber forensic investigation to 
insure the integrity of the investigation.

Secure Hash scans the hard disk (or any storage media) on a Windows PC and 
calculates the MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 hashes of the files and builds a list with 
other vital information such as file size, location, date of creation and date 
of modification. The resulting list can be used during a cyber forensic 
investigation. For example, the investigator may use Secure Hash to save the 
names, locations and hashes of all the files on a PC during the first stage of 
the investigation, after the PC has been removed from the crime scene. Later, 
the investigator could use this information in a court of law or in a lab to 
generate a report and file list to insure the integrity of the investigation.

Secure Hash is 100% compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows from 
Microsoft Windows 95 to Microsoft Windows 7 including the 64 bit variants.

SpyShelter - Protect Your Privacy. Feel Secured. 
SpyShelter is the anti-keylogging, anti-spyware program that protects your data 
from all types of keylogging and spy programs: known, unknown, and 

Whenever you use the ATM, you cover the keyboard to protect your pin. Spyshelter 
performs the same for your computer, it detects and block dangerous and 
malicious programs from reading what your typing on your personal keyboard.
By constantly scanning your machine for any malicious programs that attempt to 
capture and store your private and sensitive information, Spyshelter will keep 
you safe and secure. 

Unlike other anti-malware programs, Spyshelter doesn't rely on comparing items 
to another database, it has its own special in-built fast algorithms that won't 
slow down your computer while still keeping you safe.
Every day cybercriminals are releasing custom-made keyloggers to try and steal 
your personal and private information from your personal computer. Stop this now 
by installing Spyshelter, and never face this threat again.
With its simple and easy-to-use intuitive GUI, you'll be protected in no time at 
Spyshelter is Windows x32/x64 compatible.(World first 64 bit anti keylogger)
For detailed description of SpyShelter please visit www.spyshelter.com
FREE White Papers to help protect your company information - STOP document 
leakage and information theft 

Information Leakage - the enemy is within

This paper covers why DRM is required for data leakage prevention from within 
and outside of the enterprise for use as an effective document control system. 
It covers why encryption and access control are only effective inside the 
enterprise to secure information.
Document Security - a guide to securing your documents

This paper explains what components make up a document security solution and 
which one is right for you. It covers the use of encryption, copy protection, 
digital rights management and document collaboration as the methods available to 
protect information.
10 things you wished you had known about PDF Security, but they didnt tell you!

Is the PDF security software you are looking to purchase really secure?  If the 
PDF security software you are evaluating can be simply broken then you might as 
well save your money.  What PDF security vendors are not telling you about their 
products and solutions, and what questions you should be asking.
Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner 
 Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner uses exploitation in its core 
engine to detect vulnerabilities and eliminate false positives. All critical and 
important vulnerabilities have a direct impact, Netsparker uses this impact to 
prove that identified vulnerabilities are not false positives and demonstrates 
this impact to you. 

Finally a scanner that you can trust, a scanner that doesn't guess but knows, a 
scanner that you can say "Yeah!" when it reports a vulnerability rather than 
"Meh..., Let's investigate if it's real or not.", 

Try Netsparker Professional Today and see it with your own eyes:
Vulnerability Management Buyers Checklist
Key Questions to Ask Before You Select a VM Solution
Choosing a solution for VM is a critical step toward protecting your 
organizations network and data. Without proven, automated technology for precise 
detection and remediation, no network can withstand the daily onslaught of new 
vulnerabilities that threaten security.
To help finalize your decision on which solution to buy, download this 12-point 
short list of considerations that will help you determine what will work best 
for your organization. 

URL: https://www.qualys.com/
eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Course 
"eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Course is the course for professionals who 
want to study and practice the most advanced hacking skills, the best project 
management methodology and the guidelines for state of the art reporting.

Get 1 free SQL Injection module here: http://www.elearnsecurity.com 

"I kept thinking "this is what the CEH/LPT should have been," and I am delighted 
to say that if students can master the topics and techniques in eLearnSecuritys 
Penetration Testing Pro, they should be well on their way to being an 
accomplished pentester" Jason Haddix - SecurityAegis"
   Spyware - Someone is always watching... 


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