[Lab] Stepper controllers and CNC

John Warren john at thebestjohn.com
Mon Nov 15 17:12:28 EST 2010

Hey everyone,

So I missed Maker Faire Ottawa... Didn't have enough money to get out 
there unfortunately... oh well hope it was a blast!

So here's something cool. I have a bunch of KP4M4-001 unipolar stepper 
motors and I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of hardware I need 
to turn them into a CNC plotter. I was planning possibly using my 
arduino to run some G-Code but I am unsure as to how to drive them. I 
have read that you can do it with a darlington array IC but I don't know 
much about getting the various g-code interpreters available for the 
arduino to talk to the controllers properly... anyone with any information?


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