[Lab] Saturday, human powered float build for Toy Parade

Richard Guy Briggs rgb at tricolour.net
Thu Nov 11 23:55:29 EST 2010

Hi all,

I met a number of you on the weekend at the Maker Faire and showed some
of you the diabolical plans we've got in store for the upcoming Toy
Parade.  I was hoping the timing would be such that I'd be able to go to
a Mod Lab meeting before posting this announcement, but by coincidence
the Linux photo sig scooped the room.

I got the spools of ElectroLuminescent wire by post today so things are
starting to take shape.  Here's the plans for our float build party this
Saturday if any of you are interested.  I'm bringing at least another
two soldering irons.

Recycles Community bike shop is at http://re-cycles.ca
The rig in question is here: http://hpv.tricolour.net/organ-trailer.html
I can also be reached at +1.613.860-2354

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Hey all,

The Toy Parade is fast approaching! And so time to get our butts
moving on building our float.

Instead of working in Richard's garage we can use the re-Cycles shop,
since it is now closed on Saturdays for the season and has heat.  ;)
The big roll-up door there is quite handy for moving large vehicles in
and out, and we should have pretty well all the tools we'd need on
hand (including power tools).  Richard just needs to make sure he has
all the electrical stuff he needs, since we won't have much beyond a
soldering iron at the shop, and we should be good to go.

Time: Saturday Nov. 13th, noon to 6pm.

Place: 473 Bronson (at Gladstone, driveway and entrance on south side
of building)

Have another look at the blog and if you have additional ideas please comment!



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	slainte mhath, RGB

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