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Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Wed Nov 10 12:35:25 EST 2010


Perhaps we should go to cannus plastics. Guy and I want to work on the laser
brackets some more.

the laser is 54mm diameter. So I need a 74mm diameter circle with some nylon
bolts as spokes facing the tube. Like this:

figure I should use my 1/4 -20 nylon bolts (or at least have some nylon ends
for the bolts).

So we should cut the brackets from 3/8"?

Guy and I were discussing having circle of plastic that goes directly
against the tube and the bolts press against the plastic rather than
directly against the tube. We would split the inner circle into 3 parts so
that one part is at the end of each bolt.

So I want to get some material to get these mounts made.

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 12:24 PM, krazatchu . <krazatchu at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Not a clue about where in Ottawa but I'll give you some advice on milling
> plastics to make the choice easier...
> Milling plastic is often comparable to steel, low speed, coolant, hog it
> hard...
> Some plastics are real nasty to machine, too fast on the cutter and they
> burn or form astro turf...
> Some forms of Nylon fall into this category ... I've had good luck with the
> Nylatron series (IIRC 908 & 808)...
> But nylon is dimensionally unstable with respect to moisture if that
> applies to you app...
> UHMWPE is generally better for milling, as well as harder, slipperier and
> more expensive...
> The cheapest I've found is phenolic which doesn't have a great finish after
> milling and smells a bit if it gets too warm...
> The pump body here http://krazatchu.ca/?page_id=468 is phenolic, the wheel
> is 908....
> There are lots of good charts online for deciding on what plastic to use
> ...
> Here's one
> http://www.theplasticshop.co.uk/plastic_technical_data_sheets/engineering_plastics_machining_guide.pdf
> And remember to use a sharp end mill, I used to keep one for plastic and
> wood only, it makes a big difference....
> Michael
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> From: darcy at siteware.com
> Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 12:01:29 -0500
> To: ORE_bits at yahoogroups.com; lab at artengine.ca
> Subject: [Lab] plastics source
> Where to buy good material for making stuff on a milling machine?
> I want to make my mounts and was thinking that some 3/8 or 1/4 inch plastic
> sheet would be cool.
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