[Lab] PCB Etching and next meeting

John Warren john at thebestjohn.com
Mon May 17 15:47:21 EDT 2010

Funny this should come up! I just got some ferric chloride and mad a smd 
breakout board using the toner transfer method. I didn't have an Iron so 
i used a blowtorch and a butter knife lol. I McGuyver everything but 
that turned out really well. Does anyone know anything about flyback 
transformers? I'm making a plasma speaker and my diodes keep blowing. 
I'll bring it in wednesday and hopefully someone can help me out. This 
would also be an excellent display for EF as the plasma is pretty good 
looking and I'm sure we can do up a steampunkish art like design once 
it's done.

On another note I plan on ordering a box of junk shortly and perhaps if 
anyone is interested in doing the ithacka contest we could set out a team.

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