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Ryan Stec artistic at artengine.ca
Fri May 14 11:10:37 EDT 2010

Hey Andrew,

The dates for Electric Fields are Wednesday November 3rd to Sunday
November 7th, so it would be a nice stretch of time between now and then.
Maybe this would be even more incentive to send a group of people to the
Maker Fair in NYC ;) I will ask around if any one knows of doing a group
rate thing. I think there is an NYC art trip out of the Ottawa School of
Art maybe.

I wondered about what it would be to have an official license on the Maker
Fair. I'm sure it would add some extra momentum to the whole thing. We'll
have to look into it, maybe if we could get another partner on board that
would make it easier.


> On 2010-05-13, at 9:32 PM, Ryan Stec wrote:
>> Was thinking these last few days about how to involve the Mod Lab in
>> Electric Fields in the fall (EF is our festival of electronic art and
>> music), and was wondering what people thought of doing something like a
>> Maker Fair for a single evening. It would be on the Wednesday and could
>> be upstairs at Arts Court in the theatre and studio (for those who went
>> to the Pecha Kucha it would be in the same place).
>> Ideally it would be probably good to have a set number of tables and
>> create a committee and submission process, but we could reserve a
>> certain number of tables for a lottery to keep it open to chance.
> Hey Ryan,
> Has a date been set for EF?  I don't see anything at
> http://www.artengine.ca/community/calendar-en.php
> If it were some time in October then it could coincide with Halloween
> animatronic construction activities.
> Lindsay's TEDxKids event is Thursday, Sept. 16th so she and others (myself
> demoing my MakerBot) will likely be bogged down with last-minute prep
> activities leading up to it.
>> Be curious to know what people would think of this, especially those of
>> you who have had the chance to attend a Maker Fair.
> I haven't, but Sebastien should be able to fill us in on all the details
> when he returns+recovers from this weekend's MakerFaire in San Francisco.
> Also, Maker Faire NYC (see
> http://makerfaire.com/newyork/2010/callformakers/) is the weekend of Sept
> 25-26.  The more I think about it, the more I'm convincing myself we could
> round up enough people over the next three months to charter a coach bus
> for that road trip!
> Logistics-wise, is that something ArtEngine has experience with?  If not
> ArtEngine specifically, perhaps some of the other groups at Arts Court
> (Ottawa Symphony Orchestra would be my best guess) can offer advice &
> experience w.r.t. reliable bus lines (experienced with crossing the
> Canada/US border), locating preferred hotels near the site
> (http://www.nysci.org/), other per-person costs for budgeting (e.g.
> insurance and/or liability coverage requirements), other Canada/US
> border/embassy preparation activities, etc.
> Having EF after Maker Faire NYC would allow for some extra knowledge
> transfer to the local community.  Maybe enough momentum will get going for
> a formal "Maker Faire Canada/Ontario/Ottawa" event in the not-too-distant
> future!
> Think big or go home! ;-) Thoughts?
> Andrew.
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