[Lab] Fab Fair in the Fall

Ryan Stec ryanstec at artengine.ca
Thu May 13 21:32:24 EDT 2010

Was thinking these last few days about how to involve the Mod Lab in Electric Fields in the fall (EF is our festival of electronic art and music), and was wondering what people thought of doing something like a Maker Fair for a single evening. It would be on the Wednesday and could be upstairs at Arts Court in the theatre and studio (for those who went to the Pecha Kucha it would be in the same place). 

Ideally it would be probably good to have a set number of tables and create a committee and submission process, but we could reserve a certain number of tables for a lottery to keep it open to chance.

Be curious to know what people would think of this, especially those of you who have had the chance to attend a Maker Fair.



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