[Lab] Cheap micro controller

Jean-Marc LeBlanc jeanmarc.leblanc at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 16:10:58 EDT 2010

So Texas instrument has launched their new dev board  for their "Value
line" of the MSP430 Micro controller.  It is meant probably to compete
with PIC and Arduino.  The Micro controllers are not as good at the
Arduino, but if all you are doing is turning on a LED or simply
controlling a machine or using it as a line driver they would probably
be good enough.  The board is sold for only 4.60$ cnd and has free
shipping right now at
this is their wiki

I will have one soon ;) if any one if curious on what I thought of it
let me know. I can let you know my thoughts.  I could also bring it to
one of the meetings or some thing

Jean-Marc Le Blanc

"Do you pine for the nice days of Minix-1.1, when men were men and
wrote their own device drivers?" Linus Torvalds

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