[Lab] Anybody interested in DIY modular synths?

michael michael magicrobot at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 12:07:30 EDT 2010

> hey,

     sounds cool and interesting,  always interested in analogue synth tech.
 same as Andrew said, time/inspiration ratio is always a factor,  modular is
a cool project route to go,rather than having a whole synth to complete.
    it is interesting to note, as it was shown in doc on Bob Moog, that
originally it was just modules being sold to avant classical types, one or
two modules at a time, with a control interface still being years away..
     I have been buying up C64 to use the SID s, would be interested in
checking a midiSID in action.
     the Fatman is a cool synth, a friend of mine had one. seems to be a lot
of modification info on them out there.

     I have a 70s textbook on synthesizer design and construction, mostly
intended for building modular.  could be some good info in there to share.

                  let me know,

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