[Lab] Anybody interested in DIY modular synths?

Tom Burns tom.i.burns at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 14:28:07 EDT 2010

Hi list,

  I met a couple of you at last year's circuit bending workshop with Sean,
but otherwise haven't been out to Modlab or anything.. yet.  I'm thinking
about bringing about my synths I've built (a midibox SID, an MFOS soundlab
mini-synth, and a PAiA Fatman I bought already built and just re-cased) if
I'm around this month and they're in a demonstratable state (darn ground
loops ;).  Would this be a fun thing to bring to Modlab?

Anyways, I was wondering.. anyone interested in DIY modular synth building?
I haven't jumped in yet, instead having opted to build each synth in it's
own enclosure so far, but I feel modular is the next logical step.  Doepfer
has nice DIY kits for cases that are just power supplies and rails.
Monorocket offers very interesting kits with a metal frame as well but the
word from Moog Audio is that they're so swamped with requests they're not
sure when anything will actually ship.

If there's enough of us we could definitely benefit from the power of larger
bulk orders, at least on the expensive parts (switches, knobs, pots,
jacks).  I suppose that'd be true even if not all the purchasers are buying
for a synth build.

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