[Lab] windPOV project

krazatchu Grant krazatchu at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 25 15:46:03 EDT 2010

I'll take a look at the phases  on the scope and see what matches up...
There will be a hall sensor added but I haven't attached it to the pcb yet, I included pads that breakout to power, int0 and gnd... 

I had an engagement this afternoon so I'm just about to get back to coding... 
The POV code is running, need to add the hall interrupt and setup a timer to calculate rpm, then the sht21 sensor code... 

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It's funny that you mention that! I just got my hands on several
steppers and the first thing I did was make a rectifier and power some
LEDs. Just a tip. you can cut the number of diodes you use in half by
pairing pins 1&3 and 2&4 on the same bridge because they are
both the same polarity at the same time I believe...  One more
question... is that a hall effect sensor on there?

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[Lab] WindPOV project...
krazatchu Grant <krazatchu at hotmail.com>
Sat, 24 Jul 2010 21:08:08 -0400
<lab at artengine.ca>
<lab at artengine.ca>

Hey peoples... 


For the last day and half I've been working on a wind turbine powered
weather station using an 8 bit/LED POV on the spinning blades for the

I'm trying to one up the neighbors solar LEDs.. lol


The stepper being used as a generator is mounted to the blades and the
shaft is held stationary to negate the need for slip rings... 

I have the hardware built and am currently working on the code. The
entire system is running under 5 volts (3.5v) which is a first for me...


The project is semi-written up on my site here http://krazatchu.ca/?page_id=198 

I will add the code and eagle files once it's finished... 

Let me know what you think...




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