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I'll bring along the optical end-stops from my kit.  They only shipped with the first few batches because they caused more problems than they solved for individual users, but for a group-access situation like this it's probably worth the extra effort to get them working.


On 2010-07-01, at 1:05 PM, Darcy Whyte wrote:

> Why not install a micro switch so that when the extruder reaches the table it trips the power?
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> Some other tips while I think of them:
> - From the Control Panel, warm up the heater to 220C and let it sit at-temperature for a good 10 minutes before extruding anything.
>        - This give the ABS already in the barrel time to pre-heat.
>        - I spent time calibrating the thermistor with my thermocouple thermometer so you Do Not Want to run at higher temperatures.
> - When using pliers to remove plastic noodles from the nozzle tip, be careful not to squish the nozzle tube itself.
> - When slicing a model with SkeinFox, use the "Artengine ABS" profile I created.  It has "Unproven Mesh" set and the temperatures lowered from the old 240C default to more reasonable 220C.
> - Models sliced with SkeinFox expect the starting nozzle tip position to be at Z=20mm
>        1. Position the nozzle at the centre of the build surface
>        2. Lower the nozzle tip until it just kisses the build surface
>        3. Open the control panel and zero the coordinates
>        4. With the Z+ control, send the nozzle to +20mm.
> - When you first start a print, it's ok to hand-tweak the top Z stepper pulley if the first layer looks too squashed or isn't close enough.
> - While you're still figuring things out, locate and keep a finger hovered over the little reset push-button on the motherboard.
>        - It's not like a desktop computer where you need to power off gracefully to prevent data-corruption. Hit the powerbar switch if need be.
> Andrew.
> On 2010-06-30, at 9:56 AM, Ryan Stec wrote:
> > It will be a great test to see how far we can get with out you Andrew!
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> > On 2010-06-29, at 3:31 PM, Andrew Plumb wrote:
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> >> Hey Tom,
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