[Lab] wohoo

Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Thu Jul 1 13:03:29 EDT 2010

Thanks for the fun meeting everyone.

I can't wait till the next one in two weeks.

As I was mentioning, I'm making three robots. Two XY laser and a wire
bending machine. If people are interested in seeing them as they develop I'd
be glad to share.

I hope you all enjoy your Squirrel model airplanes that I handed out.

I noticed the list wasn't overflowing with pictures of Squirrels so I'm
supposing that you don't all have glue on hand. Not to mention may have a
life. :)

If people would like help making them, just send me a note and we can meet
up and get some flying. If anybody didn't get one, send me a note and we'll
get you hooked up.

Here are a few shots from a typical pub-Squirrel activity:


I never charge for these events. You don't even have to bring your kit
because I bring all the materials.

Inspirational Flying Machines:
MAAC 23153
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