[Lab] social diagram to look more social

cmah444 at aceweb.com cmah444 at aceweb.com
Tue Dec 28 21:07:29 EST 2010

   Dont think I qualify as an artsy type, but I have
made plenty of diagrams.
And since you ask .....
I think this diagram is trying to convey too much
information by too many
different means, and this becomes overwhelming.  I
would lose the doubly labelled
horizontal axis - pick one, explain the other in the
text.  Also remove 
the large rectangular blocks of color in the plotted
quadrant, leaving only
bare large-font labels, circular blobs and colored
arcs which look rather elegant.
 I realize the locii of the rectangles conveys some
information but the small amount of
information conveyed it is out of proportion to their
visual impact. I'm also 
partial to diagrams where the origin is in the center
of the page, separating
the space into quadrants. That is a more radical
change but it tends to
simplify discussion. Hope this helps.

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