[Lab] looking for someone who knows Processing and motion tracking

Elizabeth MacKinnon elizam31 at yahoo.ca
Mon Dec 13 08:52:54 EST 2010

Hi Everyone,

My name is Elizabeth MacKinnon. I've been unable to make any meetings but it's 
been very cool to see how active the group is and all the things going on.  I 
hope to get involved in person at some point!

I am a dance artist who also works with technology (video, audio, installation 
stuff) and am acting as the technology director on a new piece with Propeller 
Dance to be premiered in Montreal in March.  


Working with tech is new for the company and we've been playing mainly with some 
simple ways of using video to highlight or frame action on stage.  One of the 
things we want to try is some motion tracking (recorded, although live is an 
option too) and animation in Processing. As Propeller is an integrated dance 
company one of the things we were looking at is tracking a wheelchair to use its 
path to animate an animation...or at least that's the starting point. 

With my limited expertise in Processing and lack of time I am unable to get the 
ball rolling on the idea to even see if we want to use it in the piece or not - 
so i'm looking for someone with some processing and "computer vision" experience 
who would like to get involved.  

Requirements would be programming experience in Processing and some experience 
playing with motion tracking/motion capture concepts and tools and some free 
time.  Your creative ideas will also be welcome!

Added incentive: We have a bit of grant money and haven't used much in our tech 
category so we could possibly pay for some of your time!

If this is interesting to you and you would like to discuss, please contact me 
directly (not through the lab as these go to a separate email address) at:

elizam31 at yahoo.ca

Thanks Lab!

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