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On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 9:23 AM, Darcy Whyte <darcy at siteware.com> wrote:

> I did a little more work on HackTrip.
> I listed all the hackspaces in rough geographic order. It sort of comes
> down to two legs. The Toronto Cluster and the East Cost Cluster.
> 1) This is a lot of points of interest for a road trip! I think it would be
> many trips. For example, do a trip to NY, then head South along the coast.
> On another trip to NY, then head North along the Coast. And so forth.
> 2) What other points of interest are there? I'm sure there are notable
> people to visit. Also, I will add cool stuff like the Metropolitan Museum of
> Art. I have a few people and places that I will add that are aviation or
> model aviation oriented.
> 3) Who all's coming? What parts of the journey are of interest to you?
> 4) Some of the urban centers have a huge load of POIs. So I can imagine
> with a group we'd naturally crowd source the exploration. Some people would
> go to one point of interest and others would choose another.
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