[Lab] HackTrip POI

Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Fri Dec 10 09:23:56 EST 2010

I did a little more work on HackTrip.

I listed all the hackspaces in rough geographic order. It sort of comes down
to two legs. The Toronto Cluster and the East Cost Cluster.

1) This is a lot of points of interest for a road trip! I think it would be
many trips. For example, do a trip to NY, then head South along the coast.
On another trip to NY, then head North along the Coast. And so forth.

2) What other points of interest are there? I'm sure there are notable
people to visit. Also, I will add cool stuff like the Metropolitan Museum of
Art. I have a few people and places that I will add that are aviation or
model aviation oriented.

3) Who all's coming? What parts of the journey are of interest to you?

4) Some of the urban centers have a huge load of POIs. So I can imagine with
a group we'd naturally crowd source the exploration. Some people would go to
one point of interest and others would choose another.
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