[Lab] A Solidworks update....

krazatchu . krazatchu at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 2 20:45:24 EST 2010


I have received the 9 addresses so far... 
At least I think I have, I just found one in the junk box...
The addresses I have so far are from:

Aaron Ramsey
Eric Goldfield
Paul Mumby
Normand Fisher
M. Parris
Richard Cook
Ken McKinnon
Mike De Abreu
Richard Sloan

If you sent me your address and your not in the list, please send it again.
The way hotmail stacks messages with the same subject makes it easy to miss things..

As for scheduling...
It looks like I'm going to be moving into Ottawa for employment in the very near future...
With moving and starting a new job, I'm leaning towards a January class...
So how does January 9th sound? 


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