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Call for proposals
Due September 17th, 2010

Devices for desktop fabrication may soon sit beside your little ink jet printer. You could print replacement parts for your vacuum cleaner; order the design for a toy and print it at home yourself, or better yet create new inventions, from idea to object, right at your own workstation. This concept of rapid prototyping is quickly being brought out of expensive labs and into DIY workshops, and Artengine is seeking a group of artists to explore possibilities of this new approach to fabrication.

Since late spring, Artengine has been working on a 3D printing system built from a kit from MakerBot Inudstries. This Cupcake CNC machine prints in layers of ABS filament producing rough but very durable plastic objects. The objects can be created in a variety of 3D software, from Google Sketch Up to Blender to AutoCAD, and are translated into a format our machine can print out. Currently, we have printed objects we have downloaded from online repositories, but we are looking for a small group of artists to explore the creation and production process from a more experimental and conceptual angle.

Please submit by email in PDF form:
-Brief description of proposed 3D printing project (less than 500 words)
-CV and/bio
-images of previous work / links to online documentation of projects

Please keep in mind the MakerBot is only able to print single objects that are under 4” x 4” x 6” in size. With proper design objects can fit together to create bigger structures, but this process is more demanding.

Artengine will offer:
-Technical support through the Mod Lab group and the Lab mailing list
-10 hours of one-on-one support on the MakerBot Printer
-ABS Production materials in blue, red, yellow, green, black and off-white
-presentation of prototype objects during the 2010 Electric Fields festival (November 3rd - 7th)
-Producing Membership for one year (includes full access to lab and field equipment)

For more information on the MakerBot and 3D printing try these links:
Info on our MakerBot:

For more information on this project contact:
Ryan Stec
Artistic Director
artistic at artengine.ca
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