[Lab] Maker Fair in Ottawa this November

Ryan Stec ryanstec at artengine.ca
Thu Aug 19 10:25:36 EDT 2010

Hello Everyone,

We got some great news at Artengine yesterday with confirmation of funding for our Electric Fields festival this fall. The festival is taking place from Wednesday November 3rd to Sunday the 7th.

I am wondering if there would still be interest in trying to organize a Maker style fair during the festival. The ideal day would be the Sunday the 7th, and hopefully I would be able to organize a fair sized space here at Arts Court.

If there is interest in this let me know, and also what people think of trying to get a Make Magazine connection. Maybe it is a little too close to the date, but it could be fun to try or could be something we build for ourselves.



Ryan Stec
Artistic Director
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Ottawa, ON		K1N 6E2
artengine.ca		613.686.1941

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