[Lab] Lab Digest, Vol 2, Issue 7

John Warren john at thebestjohn.com
Thu Apr 29 17:54:40 EDT 2010

Hey everyone! John W here!

I was cruising the net today where I noticed a neat little competition 
that hackaday has brought to my attention. ithacka, a New York based 
hacker group, is putting on a competition that can be found here 
http://www.ithacka.org/?p=86 . The idea behind this competition is to 
buy one of the 10$ Boxes of Junk and create sometiong with it. The 
project is to be documented and put up online and needs to be at least 
75% BOJ materials. I think this would be a pretty cool project and we 
have until August 1st. What does everyone else think? Maybe we could do 
2 teams?

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