[Lab] Possible oscilloscope?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Apr 4 15:20:55 EDT 2010

On Fri, 26 Mar 2010, Jean-Marc LeBlanc wrote:

> The Kroode one has a max sampling rate of 2khz and if you used their
> eithernet its 500hz.  I can build one faster than that.  most pc
> scopes can sample much faster than that.

Yeah, I wasn't telling you to buy any of those things, I was telling you 
that Vidéographe has that kind of thing. They haven't used them for years.

> A pc based scope I would say would be a good idea if we are looking to 
> get a better one. I have all ways wanted a Bitscope Oscilloscope + logic 
> analyzer + Waveform generator + 100mhz sample rate.  they hover around 
> the same price and are multipurpose :P.  we would need a pc though their 
> software runs on windows and linux! they also have a library so we could 
> design our own software maybe some hardware knobs 
> http://www.bitscope.com/

yeah, that sounds like a better one, but can you find a .h file for their 
acquisition library ? the library doesn't come with one... the example 
comes with something like it, but it's a .pas file, for PASCAL.

Anyway, if you buy one, then I can write a .h file for it, and I can also 
write a plugin for PureData.

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