[Gridflow-dev] magic for gridflow (lets "file blah.grid" print useful information)

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Mon Jan 16 05:18:14 EST 2006

Hi all,


$ file lucida.grid
lucida.grid: Gridflow grid, LE sint32 data, 4D Dim[256,13,7,1]

$ file /tmp/test.grid
/tmp/test.grid: Gridflow grid, LE sint32 data, 5D Dim[2,3,4,5,6]


Append the attached gridflow.magic to ~/.magic (or to the system-wide 
magic file, see "man file" or "man magic" for details).

If you have gcc, you can do this to rebuild gridflow.magic:

gcc -o magic_for_gridflow magic_for_gridflow.c && \
./magic_for_gridflow >gridflow.magic

Please test!  I think I implemented the specification correctly.  A 
suite of small grids to test with would be useful, I'll work on that at 
some point later today.

Once it is fully tested/debugged/refined, I propose submitting the magic 
to the developers of "file" (which is a good enough reason for writing 
the generation program in C, I think).

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