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Sun Jan 15 13:39:33 EST 2006

:: RBF-soft. [producing] present their last work VIFE _alpha v.01 at 
Barcelona, January 21 of 2006  ::

David & Iván Rodríguez are RBF-soft. [producing], an electronic artists 
formation. Two brothers mix design, art & technology to create innovation & 
interactive proposals. Rodri_DJ & ivan_VJ are the creators of VIFE _alpha 
v.01 [Virtual Interface to Feel Emotions]. This work has been showed at 
METRÒNOM, at the international NIME'05 festival (New Interfaces for Musical 
Expressions) at Vancouver - Canada and at SONAR2005 - Barcelona.

The work investigates the idea of Synaesthesia and her enormous 
possibilities creating new realities, sensations and zones, where the user 
can find new points of interaction. This interface allows the performer to 
create sonorous and visual compositions in real time. 6 three-dimensional 
forms that represent sonorous objects are modified with the movements of the 
performer. Multiple combinations of colours, transformations and sonorous 
effects are mixing to create a unique experience. For this work we have 
created the software that controls all sensors and the hardware used by the 
performer. VIFE _glove is a sensorial glove controlled by the performer, 
this glove have full of sensors and allow the manipulation of the 3D forms. 
R-CUBE IV is an analysing box that analyse the stimulus of the sensors and 
send the information to the computers. VIFE _alpha v.01 is controlled by 2 
computers at the same time, one computer control the movements of the 
performer and the other make the render and reproduce the audio applying the 

RBF-soft [producing] creates interactive installations, performances, 
audiovisual lives, design, electronic music sessions, visuals and 
interactive solutions on demand. If you want to know more about us, please 
visit our website.

In VIFE _alpha v.01, we use PD + GEM to make the 3D render and control the 
glove and LIVE Ableton to control the music and sonorous effects.

The performance will be showed at NIUbcn showroom Barcelona Gallery :: + 


If you're at Barcelona in this date (January, 21 of 2006) please visit 
NIUbcn to know us.

Best Regards,

rodri_DJ & ivan_VJ
RBF-soft. [producing]
rbf_soft at hotmail.com

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