[Gridflow-dev] Re: [#camera]

Alexandre Castonguay acastonguay at artengine.ca
Sat Oct 23 17:32:26 EDT 2004


On Saturday 23 October 2004 16:16, Matju wrote:

> Well I thought that a lot more resolutions would actually be useful, to
> the point where it would be silly to have presets. Additionally, I thought
> I'd add a proper "size attribute" : that is, [#in videodev] would respond
> to "get size" messages by outputting a "list 240 320" (or whatever) on
> right outlet and that ought to be displayed as-is.
So objects would output their current settings in the patch rather than in the 
console?  That is a great idea.  And [#camera] is a prime candidate for using 
GOP. Maybe even with a [#peephole] we could turn on or off?

To go back to adding more ready to select size choices to [#camera]  I think 
it could be limited to 8 radio buttons? There is no pop-down graphical object 
for menus in patches.  Unless Yves' playlist can be repurposed?

> <alx1> matju: so I have a problem because the only resolution I can set
> the webcam to is 288 x 352
> I have webcams like that too. That's really strange. Usually it's 4:3 or
> 16:9 or 3:2 but here it's 11:9 (!). I have no clue why lots of webcams
> come hardwired to that particular resolution. (i found out the format is
> called VCD-PAL but no explanations.

Apparently, it is the Common Intermediate Format it provides an easy way to 
switch between ntsc and pal.



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