PureData Montréal #26

August 7th, 2007


1. Chun Lee

2. Alexandre Quessy: dynamic patching (?)

3. Patrick Valiquet:

Both of the projects involve exchanging information with pd from other processes. One is using pd to search and download files from gnutella which I came up with for a project I was working on at Concordia... the other is dynamically getting information about hotplugged storage devices (cameras, usb keys) into pd which I'm working on for Kyd Campbell. Since I'm more artist than programmer and I don't know C, I'm using py/pyext for both but it seems like a reasonable compromise so far...

4. Marc Fournel: Information concernant Luvre ouverte | Congrès PureData 07, Montréal du 21 au 26 août 2007. http://pure-data.ca/en/