PureData Montréal Users Group meeting #2
February 7th, 2004, 14:00

0. Introduction

1. The Making of "The Beast":

  1.1. Shauna Kennedy:
       integrating interactive video in theatre

  1.2. Ken Campbell (from Artengine):
       custom electronics for wireless sensors

  1.3. Mathieu Bouchard (from Artengine):
       overview of the patch and live demo

  1.4. Alexandre Castonguay (from Artengine):
       the role of artist-run centres in the development of
       open source projects

2. Michal Seta:
   the use of PureData in live music

3. Marc Lavallée:
   the parallel port,
   the Flash external

4. projection: "The Beast"
    as performed at
    One Yellow Rabbit Theatre
    Calgary, AB, January 14th-18th, 2004.

the projection was cancelled due to lack of time.

there were 17 attendants.