Adresse: 4550 Garnier Montréal (Mont-Royal station)
Samedi 12 novembre 2005 de 13:00 à 17:00

1. PÁLL ÞAYER (Reykjavik, Iceland)

> I will show some of my work from 2001 to the present. I will focus
> mainly on my methods of using Perl scripts to feed pretty much any type
> of data from anywhere, into PD and vice-versa. Since I see myself
> primarily as a visual artist, I'll also explain a bit about my reasons
> for using sound and how PD figures into my personal artistic philosophy.
> So, I'll be showing a bunch of patches and Perl scripts and I can make
> them available to people as well, if you think they might be interested.
> Aside from my web-based work, I'll also be showing some things that
> haven't been as public, that I think may be of interest. A couple of
> side projects and the project I'm currently working on.

2. ALEXANDRE CASTONGUAY (Artengine & Université d'Ottawa)

> Dessiner avec un traceur, ou comment utiliser puredata et gridflow pour
> retarder le cycle d'obsolescence.  Ce projet a pour autres buts de
> permettre l'analyse de l'efficacité au poste de travail informatique et
> ainsi d'apporter les correctifs afin d'arriver à une meilleure
> performance.


  Normand invite Louise pour un jam session avec PureData et harpe. 
  Devinez qui joue de la harpe.