Quoi:   PureData Montréal Users Group meeting #10
Quand:  2005 mai 14, from 13:00 to 17:00 EDT
Où:     Vidéographe-PARC
         Garnier 4550, 2ième étage (coin Mont-Royal)
         (métro Mont-Royal puis marcher vers l'est)
$:      Entrée libre (dons appréciés)
Langue: Français avec un peu d'anglais, comme d'habitude.

Au programme (provisoire):

    The Magnetic Information Liberation Front (M.I.L.F.)

       As individuals, Brodeur's practice often explores the boundaries
       between art and technology, while Hewitt is primarily interested
       in critiquing the language and symbols of consumerism. Together,
       these conceptual artists  have produced a tongue-in-cheek way of
       finding one's self in our fast-paced,  economy-driven world.  By
       re-interpreting open-source computing code  and applying it to a
       contraption assembled  from an array of spare parts including an
       old speaker and a magnetic card reader,  Brodeur and Hewitt have
       produced an  object that  has the  capacity to  free individuals
       from the  sensation of  meaninglessness  that comes  with  being
       identified  according  to series  of numbers.  Accompanying  the
       M.I.L.F.  is an  infomercial that  satirizes the  conventions of
       television intended to sell solutions for better living.

       (this will also be an exhibition this summer at
        Ottawa Art Gallery)

    presents semester projects by visual arts students of the
    UFO (University oF Ottawa)

       (no description available as of now)

3. (place libre pour une présentation de votre crû; envoyez-moi votre 

4. (place libre pour une présentation de votre crû; envoyez-moi votre 

    (the convention would be held this autumn in Montréal)

    5.1. When should it be held (e.g. October or November)

    5.2. Who wants to be an organiser, and which organisms would be into
         providing travel money, rooms, advertising, etc.

    5.3. Who should be invited, and what would be the process of inviting
         people. Especially, how do we balance things so that this year's
         conference invites enough people from far away, yet compensates
         by inviting people who were too far away to be at the 2004
         convention.  (note: in the dev/users category, the 2004 convention
         had 5 people from Graz, 4 from Barcelona, and 4 from North
         America (!!!). pensez-y)

    5.4. (etc)