The 3rd Critical Blogging Residency
at Artengine and Apt 613

Artengine together with Apt 613 are pleased to announce that Megan Smith has been selected as our new resident writer for the Critical Blogging Residency 2012-13.

Megan is a media artist, designer, writer, curator and educator. She is also a specialist in social media implementation as well as an animator for community engagement in a wide range of new media practices. As a scholar, she holds a Ph.D. in the Philosophy of New Media from the School of Contemporary Art & Graphic Design at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.

The official program for Megan will begin with a trip to the Elektra festival in Montréal in the first week of May. With the launch of the new International Digital Arts Biennial, Elektra will be the perfect starting point for the residency. Megan will cross-post impressions, musings and in-depth reviews on both the Artengine and Apt 613 blogs. In addition to a $1,200 annual honorarium, she will also be given a chance to receive critical feedback and professional development through the Articulation series of the Ottawa Art Gallery in early 2013.

We had an incredible caliber of applications this year, and it was a very competitive process. The editorial staff of Apt 613 and the staff at Artengine were deeply impressed by the high level of writing and community involvement demonstrated in these letters, CV, blogs and more.

We expect this year’s Critical Blogging Residency to play a part in the city’s ever-flowing energy of cultural and technological creativity by conveying critical expression and research through our blogs. Further information on Megan’s previous projects and writings can be found at


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