3D Printing with the Artengine CupCake CNC

Artengine and the Mod Lab have recently purchased and assembled a CupCake CNC machine from MakerBot Industries. This unique little package creates an affordable prototyping solution perfect for an organization like ours.

3D printing is very similar to a typical computer controlled milling process, but rather than a subtractive process this is an additive process using ABS plastic that is heated up and pushed through an extruder. The CupCake puts down layers of filament and builds up a real life version of your the 3D object you have designed.

Artengine will be developing a work flow for this new tool, and welcomes any artists interested in helping and/or becoming one of the more skilled operators. The Mod Lab will play a key role in developing this workflow so come out on a Wednesday if you can.

Check out the blog post from Jonathan Rudenberg who documented the assembly process for us.