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Oscar Bailey
Fulgence Charpentier
Jean Coulthard
Camille Dagenais
Edith Iglauer
Trudi Le Caine
Joe Plaskett
Beryl Plumptre
Louis Rasminsky
Bill Reid
Gordon Robertson
Helen Rogers
Doris Shadbolt
Thomas Shoyama
Irene Mary (Biss) Spry

Jerry Grey's Rare Spirits celebrates the resilience, determination, and spirit that characterize the fifteen accomplished Canadians listed at left, affirming the value, not merely of their public achievements, but of what they teach us about growing old.

Their lives have spanned most of the twentieth century, a period shaped by remarkable social and technological change. They serve as touchstones for those of us looking forward, with trepidation, to living our own twilight years in this new century.

Rare Spirits exhibit at OAG "The compelling impact of their gazes seems to stand for the impact of their lives on the world, and gives the intense sensation of fathoming unmediated character."
- Lilly Koltun, Public Archives of Canada

"Grey uses her sitters' age and venerable status to splash cold water into the face of our youth-obsessed, goal-driven culture, underscoring the value of a life well-lived – well experienced."
- Molly Amoli K. Shinhat, X-Press

From the inaugural exhibition of Rare Spirits at the Ottawa Art Gallery,
7 December 2000 to 4 February 2001.



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