Technique and Editions

Two photo-images (sometimes four), showing ordinary but well chosen pictures, are twinned by side or on opposite sides, getting to a new artistic language within a special aesthetic fram. A "simulated" reality is created through merging and various other processes, combining artificial and virtual manipulation.

The pictures are taken by the artist with a "classical" (not digital) camera. Developed photos are scanned with high resolutions and are than treated, manipulated, fusioned, sometimes re-coloured or saturated within the numeric image-system.

Once finished, the newly created images are recorded on CD's, from which large-sized negatives are produced (returning from the digital to the analogical system). From those negatives, middle or large-sized photos are realized on high quality photographic paper (polymeric based), such garanteeing long and perfect conservation.

The artist garantees full respect of the edition of each series. Large-sized photos (in different sizes, but around 36" x 28") are normally edited 5 times, small sizes (around 18"/16" x 16"/12") reach an edition of a maximum of 12 photo-prints. Unicates are sold on special request. (see: and