Swiss-born artist, Hans J. Mettler (hjm) has a rich background that has brought him from the sciences to journalism and finally into the arts (BA in visual art). Through his multiple studies and professional experiences in Europe and Canada, he has found a pictorial language that expresses both his former and present preoccupations.

Today, he shares his living between Canada and Europe (mostly Switzerland) and teaches infographic imaging at the University du Québec.

In his art-work, "hjm" deals mostly with sciences, especially global economy, ecology and genetics. Photography, painting, mixed media as well as the computer and multi-média installations are his favourite mediums. For the past three years, the artist has been concentrating on digital photo-collages, juxtaposing or blending architectural structures with plant textures.

Exhibitions brought him to Switzerland (gallery Ursula Wiedenkeller), France (Paris and Saint-Paul de Vence) and Canada (Montreal, Ottawa and the province of Quebec). Hans J. Mettler's original works have received glowing reviews in print, as well as on radio and television. In 2001-2002, ARTV-Canada, a new speciality arts channel, featured a story about the artist and his work.

By december 2002, the artist will have done his "débuts" in Basel (Switzerland), Berlin (Germany) and New York

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